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Handy Backup Standard

Common setup file for all editions.
Built on 23 September, 2016

Download Information

The setup file is common for all editions of Handy Backup. The program comes with a 30-days free trial period, during which you can try all of its features. After expiration of the free trial period, you will need to register the program. The edition will be defined by the registration number.

Technical Support

We will provide free technical support and assistance, should you have any problems with our software or any questions/suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to visit our technical support page.


If you are a registered user and want to test one of our new chargeable plug-ins, you need to request a trial renewal. Paid plug-ins include Microsoft Exchange Backup, Microsoft SQL Backup, Oracle Backup, DB2 Backup, ODBC Database Backup, Lotus Backup and Image Backup. Please send us a renewal request to

License Policy

Handy Backup is a copyrighted and licensed software product, so please read the Handy Backup License Agreement carefully. Your use of Handy Backup indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in that Agreement. If you do not agree to those terms and conditions, you may not download, install, or use Handy Backup software.

Handy Backup Disaster Recovery

Handy Backup™ Disaster Recovery lets you back up and restore data independently of your main operating system, using a recovery Flash or USB drive. It is installed from Handy Backup (downloaded above), or through Disaster Recovery Installation Kit, a Wizard that guides you through the process of creation of a recovery drive.

Version: 1.3 (built on May 27, 2015)
Download size: 4.6 MB

Basically, Handy Backup Disaster Recovery consists of two parts: Environment and Application. During setup, the Installation Kit downloads installation packages for these two parts, and then installs them to a Flash or USB drive. It is recommended to not delete these packages, as otherwise updating the application will require you to download them again.

  • Environment: version 2.0 (built on May 27, 2015). Download size: 273 MB. This part is rarely updated.
  • Application: version 1.5 (built on May 27, 2015). Download size: 38 MB. All future modifications will apply to this part of the program.

For detailed instructions on installation, please see Installing Handy Backup Disaster Recovery

Old Handy Backup Downloads

Version 7

Version 6

Product Information

Download size64.3 MB
LanguagesEnglish, French, Russian, German, Czech and more...
System requirementsWindows 8/7/Vista/XP or Server 2012/2008/2003

Handy Backup Download FAQ

Downloading Handy Backup

When you are prompted to specify download location, select a folder that you’re unlikely to forget. We suggest downloading to Documents, as the distribution file (handybackup_setup.msi) can be easily found then.

How to Install Handy Backup

  1. Find the setup file, handybackup.exe.
  2. Double-click the setup file to launch it.
  3. Follow steps of the Installation Wizard.

For detailed help, please refer to Handy Backup Installation in the User Manual.

How to Update to the New Version

  1. Uninstall your old version of Handy Backup. If you are upgrading from Handy Backup version 5.8 or lower, the application will allow you to select if you want to remove registration information, tasks and logs, and settings. Do not check any boxes. For version 6.0 or higher, this data will be kept in your system automatically.
  2. Install the new version of Handy Backup.

For detailed help, please read Updating from Earlier Versions in the User Manual.

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